Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh yes, I did.

That's right. My baby's not even born yet and I bribed him to do Mommy a little favor...get me out of parent / teacher conferences next Thursday and Friday.

I would do anything to get out of going to those things. They are evil and uncomfortable - much like most of my clothing right now.

To my credit, Thursday is only two days away from my actual due-date, so I'm not asking anything of little Jeeter that is out of the ordinary. But since most babies are born after their expected birthday, I'm not holding out much hope. What do you think...fake contractions in the middle of the afternoon and then play dumb when it turns out to be a false alarm? Hey, I may only get one chance to use this pregnancy for all it's worth.

I'll let you know what I decide by next Wednesday.


  1. Hi Ash! I love that you have this--it is such a lovely way to break up my law-filled days. CanNOT believe how grown-up and prepared (and organized!) you are! And doubley cannot wait to meet Jeeter! (???) Is that Bay B. Sack's name? OH and your green maternity shirt, with the little gather is sooooooo cute. Love you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    1. Hey darlin'! I know you are knee-deep in work...and I hope you are getting a little bit of time with your honey to enjoy being an "engaged" couple! Thanks for following my dorky mom-to-be's mostly for me to just vent. This whole thing has been such a roller-coaster ride. Exciting times...could be any day now! Love you, too, sista'.