Sunday, February 19, 2012

What are we up to?

It's getting close to go time, so I thought I'd introduce you all to my newest blog. This one is intended just for you, family. In case you're wondering what silly nesting chore I've been working on, or what project I've put Ben on, this is your daily news.

Yesterday was 37 weeks, y'all. My doctor says that if I were to go into labor right this minute, she'd let it happen. Technically, baby is at "full-term" and could very well be fully cooked.

Everything is in order now. As you can see, we have been very busy. All of the wonderful gifts that we've been given are washed, sorted, and put into their rightful spot. (Unlike my own clothes, which are currently in various places around the floor or random drawers - sorry, Dad, I never did learn to 100% pick up all my stuff.) We have been so lucky to get gifts from every friend we've ever had, and the love shown by these people is humbling and overwhelming.

James and Shelby donated a beautiful crib (which recieved a new mattress courtesy of the Neinas family), and Zack gave us a load of toys and blankets. We've also been getting boxes and boxes from Kim and Grayson, who was kind enough to grow out of his clothes in time for his cousin to grow into them. She's also given us toys, gadgets, and even a car-seat. All this love has enabled us to buy some of the things that we normally wouldn't have splurged for: a new bassinet for our (very tiny) room, a nice front-pack Ergo carrier (we're so trendy) and some other stuff that we can't imagine a little tiny body in just yet. It blows our minds.

I just want you to know that I bargain-hunted those brown baskets at Home Depot for $5 each. (They sell for about $15 at Target.) Baby shopping has brought my thrifting / deal skills new purpose.


  1. I, of course, love that you both love the thrill of the hunt in finding treasures. Your swing will come this Friday. OK, all is ready little "B", come on baby into the world.

  2. I love the room (oh boy!)! I truly cannot wait to meet the little man. I had so much fun at your shower on Saturday!!! Thanks for making the long trek to FoCo so we could shower you wil gifts, whipped cream topped waffles, and adorable building blocks. <3