Friday, March 2, 2012

Repeat after me...

People are becoming very concerned about when I will be finishing up at work. As I encounter various co-workers, I find myself saying the same thing about five times a day, and it goes a little something like this:

Co-worker: "So, when is your last day?"
Me: "The day my water breaks in the hallway during passing period."
Co-worker: "Oh. Wow."

As you may have gathered from my irrate Facebook post a few days back, I recently discovered that I do not recieve any paid maternity leave. So, I refuse to give my school a definite date that will be my last day, for fear that little Jeet will be a few days late, and I'll be using up my precious sick leave time just to sit at home and watch Netflix movies. (I do love a good Netflix movie...)

Co-workers aren't the only ones who are concerned with my impending labor. The kids, too, are a little worried. Our conversations in class go a little like this:

Student: "Mrs. Sack, when are you leaving?"
Me: "When I have my tiny human."
Student: "What if you start having it in class?!"
Me: "You better get ready to catch him."
Student: "Ewwwww!"
Sdudent 2: "Ha, ha! That would be funny."
Me: "I'm not joking."

I'm totally joking. We all know that if I went into labor and had the baby all in the span of one class period, I'd be the luckiest woman alive.

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