Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sorry, Pups.

Oh boy, the dogs aren't happy. For the first time in their little dog lives, I have banished them to the back yard for the next hour or so. Why? Because I finally, finally, finally got little Buddy down for a nap. One bark could undo my dilligent rocking...and I can't have that.

Poor pups. The time of taking a backseat to the babe has finally come. Don't worry, though, it's a beautiful day today and there are plenty of squirrels and birds that need chasing in the back yard.

Success #8: Got baby to sleep without the use of nursing, a pacifier, or walking around bouncing him. Hooray for small victories!

In case you wanted to know, these are the other victories I've accomplished:

#1: Baby sleeps in our bed, not on my chest.
#2: Baby goes to sleep immediately after nursing at night. 
#3: Baby sleeps in bassinet after nursing.
#4: Baby takes a bottle from Daddy.
#5: Baby likes the front pack carrier thingee.
#6: Baby doesn't cry when taking a bath.
#7: I make part of dinner while Baby watches in his chair. (See below.)

Love this chair! Hi Auntie Katie!
It is important to remember that, although things seem tough, they are getting better. I am working on a few things (training him to nap in his bassinet, not "snacking", etc.), but he has already learned so much, and I am thankful for those.

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