Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day to Day

Wow. There is just so much that you learn in the first days of motherhood! It's like zero to sixty in thirty seconds. (Actually, it's like zero to 120 - so fast that you can't even take it all in.)

Today my dad left to go home to CA, and I will miss his reassuring and tender help. Last night, he stayed up with little Buddy for hours while I went to sleep. (We're having a hard time getting Blaine to sleep anywhere but in someone's arms at night. During the day he'll sleep anywhere!) It was the best gift I've ever been given, and I appreciated it so much.

Brad also left to go do "man stuff", and left Mom with me. Brad was such a wonderful help, too, and I can't imagine how Ben and I could have managed without him.

Now it's just me, Mom, the dogs, and Blaine to hold down the fort. Ben is back at work now, but checks in on us from time to time. I know he misses being with us.

Here's your daily Baby Blaine photo. Don't mind the pink on his cheeks - he has a tendancy to whack himself in the face when he's good and ready to eat.


  1. Look at him! Growing so fast! He looks perfect! I think this is the first time I have seen him awake, and good lord I am in love!!! Keep up the good work Mama! xoxo

  2. He is just too cute! He has such big, curious eyes!!! I sometimes whack myself in the face when I'm hungry, too (or when I'm exasperated by 7th graders, so it happens a lot. Blaine is in good company!).