Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Can't Count

Today Baby B is 8 weeks old, which to me, is two months. But I guess if you count "months" by the same day that he was born on, he still has four days to go. Sheesh. Now I know why people always answered in weeks when you ask how old their babies are. (That always annoyed me. Why don't they just say 'two months' or ' a year and a half'? Now I know.)

Motherhood is like this crazy secret club that you can't possibly join and learn about until the very moment you have a kid.

In any case, here is a fun collage of B's facial expressions at about two months old. His favorite toy right now (i.e. the only one he can play with because he can't really grab things yet or play with anything that is hard) is his knit snake from Linnea. It if he grows up and grabs a live rattlesnake, I will consider this a bad idea.

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