Friday, June 8, 2012

It Was a Good, Good Day

Don't you love those days where you wind down at the end and think, "Man, this day felt long and full of fun stuff"? Today was one of those days. It has been so wonderful having my mom ('Nonni' to anyone under the age of one) here lately. She's hanging out with us until next week, and then she has to return to California.

She has been such a big help. As any mom knows, just 15 minutes of "me" time during the day is valuable, and Mom has been giving Ben and I plenty of time to do what we need to get done. Ben worked in the garden today, I finished up the Writing Contest anthologies, and we both got to visit with some old friends. (We had a picnic in the park and Blaine was awesome. No crying, no whining, and no fussing whatsoever.) Blaine loves his Nonni and has been so perfect during the day. (We won't go over how many times we're still waking up at night.)

Having an extra hand around the house is invaluable. I can understand why rich people hire a full-time nanny. Lucky for me, a Nonni is like a nanny...except she has to go back home soon.

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