Tuesday, June 19, 2012


One of the things thtat my mom was really good at over the last few weeks was making me do things that I didn't want to do. Blaine and I had gotten into a rut of staying home or running just one errand...quickly. But grandmas have been there and done that, and they know how to push new moms into using that stroller that's in the corner, taking a whole day out, etc.

I had been avoiding tummy time because Blaine seemed to hate it. I'd put him on his belly and he'd scream within a few minutes. (When I say" minutes", I mean seconds.) Nonni, on the other hand, had this brilliant idea to let him play on his back and then slowly roll him over. It worked! Blaine somehow kept his head up (as opposed to smashing his face into the ground) for longer. Now we're on a regular schedule of two tummy times a day. It only lasts a few minutes, but he seems to be getting the hang of it...slowly. Way to go, Nonni, way to go.

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